Wedding, Interrupted

veale weddingShort, sweet, and small re-wedding and reception of a former student. Thanks, Marc, for the opportunity!

Home, Sweet Home

Another home shoot. This time for realtors Rachel and Jason Harper. Beautiful home in Temecula. Thanks for trusting us! More pix here!

2018 Blowout Senior Portrait Sale

senior grad From now until the end of the year, I'm offering a discount for Senior pix. Thirty minutes with one outfit, one location for $99. A full hour at one location, multiple outfits for only $199. Go to Contact page and drop me a line. I'm limited to how many shoots I can do a month, so heads up.


The publication called Capitol Weekly asked to use a picture I took at the Holy Fire in Southern California for use in the Sep/Oct issue. Ba da bing. There it is in all its newspaper print glory. I'll take it! Thanks for asking!


craftsmanGot the awesome opportunity to shoot a craftsman house in Riverside CA. What a beauty. Know any realtors SoCal that need a photographer? Will display shortly.

Cam & Whit & Girls

Garsh, I love these guys. I've known them since they were in high school, was a best man at their wedding, and godfather to their eldest. And had a great shoot with them locally. What you see is what you get: fun and eccentric and loving people. See more here.

Another Another Fire

Another fire not far away. The Holy Jim Fire, or Holy Fire, is in Trabuco Canyon but made its way over the hills and down onto the east side. Took a bunch of pictures (see them here) and got covered well in The Patch. (here)

CC Fallbrook

Quick overall shoot at Calvary Chapel Fallbrook website. Hard to think of a place more hospitable than this. My worst mistake: Going to a church where no one knows me and asking to see the pastor because I'm there to shoot the church and needed to see him first. Pix here.

Tovey Shultz, The Sequel

Another fun couple hours of shooting here. Follow-up headshots and some candid stuff. Fun people they are…

La Grande Famille

Never shot a family this big. Almost two dozen all on a crowded beach with crappy light. But it worked out wonderfully! The clouds moved in a bit, a giant space cleared against the rocks and the family was amazingly cooperative. Ended up being a great time. More here!
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