Five is a Charm

Fifth time with these silly people. Only now there's a new little one. Apparently he's the enforcer for the family. That's his face the whole time. Winking More here.

Good Grace

What a great shoot this turned out to be. Briar Rose Winery at sunset is an amazing venue. And first-timer, Grace, was a wonderful subject. Senior shoots are fun (most of the time.) Wanna see more? Sure you do. Go here.

Never Too Late

Kelly, a dear student of mine back in the 80's, was determined to get a degree. And she did. Graduating from APU, a school I occasionally teach at. So proud of you, young lady! More here.

Four is a Charm

The fearsome foursome - miniature. Love these kids to death. You may recognize the one on the left as Banner Boy for my site. This one was at Lake Oak Meadows, a GREAT venue for weddings and photoshoots. More here.

Condo? Can Do!

Got to shoot a condo this weekend. With no electricity. Pulled it off, I think. Thanks Liza, for the opportunity! More here.

Four Fighting Irish

Had two of these four in my class. Now they're all grown up and shooting a surprise Christmas picture for the parents. Honored to be a part of this. Thanks, you guys! More here.

Blackmun Again

They trusted me to do the Christmas card picture again. And honored to do it. Thanks for the opportunity! More here.

Some Moore

jen moore
Love these kooks. They keep coming back and I get to record them growing up, which is pretty cool. Shot at Glen Arbor Park in Murrieta. Fought for space with a million other photographers. But looks like we had the place to ourselves. More Moores here.

Vanessa in the Forest

vanessa rodarte
Got a chance to shoot a friend at a new locale in Murrieta. Worked out well, we think. Know any single moms who would like a photo shoot? Let me know! More pix here.

Clan at Harveston

Clan Balos at Harveston for a pretty shoot. Love this place even if very family in the valley shoots here. So picturesque. Thanks, Julia! More here.

Another Fine Family Shoot

leaskGreat family shoot with these sweet people, the family of a former student. Easy peasy time at Harveston. Thanks for trusting me! Here are some more images.


michael scoopyAnother student of mine, this young man is a pleasure to have in class even if he does push the buttons occasionally. (I push them back.) Fun time with mom and him out in some remote area of Fallbrook. Nice location for a shoot, and a murder if you are so inclined. (I've watched too many Forensic Files.) Thanks!!! More here.

GoofBall Alert

carmen 12Well, what can I say about this young lady. She drives me crazy but I love her dearly and her eyes need to be insured. Fun quick shoot at Peltzer Winery. More here.

Wedding, Interrupted

veale weddingShort, sweet, and small re-wedding and reception of a former student. Thanks, Marc, for the opportunity!

Home, Sweet Home

Another home shoot. This time for realtors Rachel and Jason Harper. Beautiful home in Temecula. Thanks for trusting us! More pix here!


craftsmanGot the awesome opportunity to shoot a craftsman house in Riverside CA. What a beauty. Know any realtors SoCal that need a photographer? Will display shortly.

Cam & Whit & Girls

Garsh, I love these guys. I've known them since they were in high school, was a best man at their wedding, and godfather to their eldest. And had a great shoot with them locally. What you see is what you get: fun and eccentric and loving people. See more here.

Another Another Fire

Another fire not far away. The Holy Jim Fire, or Holy Fire, is in Trabuco Canyon but made its way over the hills and down onto the east side. Took a bunch of pictures (see them here) and got covered well in The Patch. (here)

CC Fallbrook

Quick overall shoot at Calvary Chapel Fallbrook website. Hard to think of a place more hospitable than this. My worst mistake: Going to a church where no one knows me and asking to see the pastor because I'm there to shoot the church and needed to see him first. Pix here.

Tovey Shultz, The Sequel

Another fun couple hours of shooting here. Follow-up headshots and some candid stuff. Fun people they are…

La Grande Famille

Never shot a family this big. Almost two dozen all on a crowded beach with crappy light. But it worked out wonderfully! The clouds moved in a bit, a giant space cleared against the rocks and the family was amazingly cooperative. Ended up being a great time. More here!

Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro

What a wonderful shoot this turned out to be. Most are from-the-pier shots (in Oceanside). The woman were awesome. And the waves were beautiful. More here!

Another Fire

Another fire here in SoCal. The Cranston fire was big and destructive as expected but this one was clearly making its own weather. These are pyrocumulus clouds. Beautiful and frightening.

Tovey Shultz

This was a bucket of fun. Took a bunch of lighting equipment to Tovey Shultz Construction Company in Elsinore and fired away. Great bunch of people there and easy to work with! Thanks for trusting us for these shots! See more corporate head shots here.


What another wonderful day put on in Encinitas for BroAm 2018! Sheesh! Surfing and Music and all community-based. Got to shot the whole thing. And got punished in the Patch. More pix? See here.


Got an opportunity to shoot a local business for their website and brochure. Relatively new experience for me so had a lot of fun experimenting. Woo hoo! Thanks, Coby!


My goofball niece. She and my son and my sister went to Laguna for this fun. They turned out nice but makes me sad she's growing up so quickly. See more here!


Sweet shoot with a sweet kid at RoseHaven the time. On her way to Calvary Chapel Bible College, Best of success, Maddie! More here.

Student Venture Reunion

Cannot and will not deny my love for these people, these silly and loving people at Student venture. I was asked to shoot their reunion, and did. Wonderful time. Was only supposed to shoot the opening but stayed the whole time. So inspiring. See more here.


Quick shoot for my beautiful friend, Vanessa, for new business cards. Her goofball daughter helped with the lighting. Had to photoshop her out of the picture. Sorry, sweetie. Winking

Briar Rose

Another beautiful pregnancy shoot. This one at Briar Rose winery with Briar. What are the odds? More here!

Good Golly, Miss Molly

A great student and TA, this was Molly's day. Again at Briar Rose Winery, their grounds are a beautiful place to shoot. More here!

Belle Elle

Fun time again at Briar Rose Wintery in Temecula. Friends from church asked this time. Thanks, Tami, for trusting us for this!!! More here!

Prom II

Right after the Carmen shoot we raced over to Harveston to shoot these kids for the same prom. Great setting, nice light, and silly kids. See more here.

Prom I

Nice little shoot at Glen Arbor park before the big prom for Temecula Valley High School. Was fun shooting Carmen again (the one with the hair), but also Lilly and her bf. More here!

Judith Plus One

Fifth time shooting this young woman. The other four times were with family. This time with unborn. Beautiful shoot at RoseHaven in Temecula with wonderful lighting and more than a little help from a fellow photographer with the lighting and ideas. More here.

Liz and Bella

Had a chance to shoot a fellow photographer at Santa Rosa Plateau. Went very nicely. She and her daughter genuinely love each other. I think that came out. Hope so anyways!!! Winking More here.


First time here. Won't be the last time. Got stopped by a grounds getsapo. Was told to put my shade away. Why? No reason. But the lady, who I swear is a rejected HOA Nazi, also told me unprovoked that I don't look like a professional. Thanks. The rest of the day was nice and the grounds are stunning, even at $25 per person. Winking Pix here!

The Plateau

My Happy Place, the plateau is. So peaceful and even prettier when green. Just keep adding on to my Plateau collection on Flickr. Bury me here. Really. No joke. They are filed here.


Just an excuse to get out and add to each other's portfolios. Around Old Town Temecula this time to hunt for new spots. There are many. Winking More here!

Dr. Kailey

Oh sheesh, am I proud of this young woman! A former student of mine, Kailey is about to start her career as a vet. Woo hoo! Great shoot with our mutual friend Angela helping us. Thanks Briar Rose Winery for kindly allowing us to use your beautiful grounds to shoot. More here.

Safari Park

Nice day at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with my wife. Took the long lens of course so I could shoot right up the nose of some animals. Sheesh, love this lens. More here.

Swim Meet

Had a nice assignment from yearbook: shoot the swim meet before the yearbook deadline. OK! Here are some of the pix. Had fun with the giant 150-600. Close in on the up-close pix; water makes a wonderful design over some of the faces. They are here.

Dance Evo

Action-packed night at this event at Temecula Valley High. Great opportunity to try my hand at dance photos. Ain's the easiest thing in the world but the results make it worth it. Well done, kids! More here!

CIF Champs!

Shot these young women in the rain as they won the CIF championship game at Temecula Valley High School. Way to go, girls!!!

AMP 2018 Conference

Two days of wonderful speakers, wonderful fellowship, deep questions, heavy discussion and seeing old friends. I had the privilege of being the photographer for the event. Thanks, Reasons To Believe, as always for your challenges, your friendship and your love. More pix are here.

Carmen Electric

CarmenWhat a wonderful shoot this was. Great light, weather, venue, helpers, client, etc… Thanks, Carmen! And thanks Lake Oak Meadows for your hospitality - again! More here!


16This one at Briar Rose Winery, a beauty of a little winery in Temecula. Thanks to them! And thanks to Mac for doing so well! More here.

Lake Oak Awesome

18A_5282Oh sheesh, I love this place. Perfect venue, lighting, and a family that loves to pose. Hat trick for me! See more here.

Mary and the Family

12Another sweet former student with sweet baby and Marine hubby. Great time at the Sports Park. Thanks! See more here.

Sweet Megan

1I've know this sweet kid since she was a baby! She's the daughter of a student of mine from the '80's. (No comment!) Managed to shoot at two venues here - Wilson Creek Winery and Old Town Temecula. Well worth it. Got a lot of classy shots. Yay for all of us! See them here.

Christmas Eve

brianChristmas Eve at Calvary Murrieta was… so nice. Thanks for asking! Here are some highlights…

That Family, Part IV

28Well this handsome family asked us again to shoot 'em up. Only this time for an announcement; she's pregnant with Child #3. Love these guys a lot and very excited for them. And thanks to Lake Oak Meadows for so graciously allowing us to shoot there. See more here.


Several generations for this big shoot in Murrieta. Good time had by all as we tried to beat the sun, a common angst-ridden characteristic with good light together with a load of people. See here. And here.

Concert at TVHS

7P7A9834Got a chance to shoot the Christmas concert at Temecula Valley High School. Sheesh! The only person with a good angle was the conductor. And I was not about to ask her to move. Regardless, it was a good time had by all. Happy

Mein Sohn

This was a pleasure - shooting my son and is girlfriend. Blesses me to see my son happy. A few more pix here soon.

Bee's Niece

A little edgy sort of engagement shoot starring my niece and her fiancé. Coronado in San Diego and no pain-in-the-butt permits to worry about. Love you, sweetie! Here are some more pix.

Family at Sunset

Sheesh this was a weird one. Got stopped by a state park trooper in Newport who took her job very seriously. We apparently needed a permit. Why? She had no answer. Yay. So could not use any reflectors because they were "professional." (She said this as people with phones were walking by and on their way the beach to take pix.) But Michael and I made the most of it and the photographs came out pretty nicely, methinks. They are here. Thanks, Kim for trusting us again to capture your family moments!

A Little Thanksgiving Help at Church

Not our style at all but we were volunteered to do a "family portrait" shoot of nearly 70 families at a Thanksgiving Eve service. Used the lights we brought. But added lights came from the parking lot. And the basketball courts. And a hot air balloon lighting up behind our "set." Interesting time. Winking

Vets Day Parade

This turned out to be pretty cool. I only went to the parade in Murrieta to get pix of the vets, which is always special, but turned out shooting the whole place up. And then got picked up by the local online paper who published almost everything I send them. You can see that here. Thanks, Patch!

Another Fam Shoot

Fun shoot under cloudy, wonderfully lit, skies in Temecula for this young family. Two colleagues of mine at school and their little dolly. Another repeat performance - third time for them. Always good when that happens. Here are some. Thanks, you guys!


TVHS waterpolo
Did a favor for a friend and shot a waterpolo CIF game in Temecula at the high school (TVHS). Was fun! And had two nice lenses to cover it. See some here!

Home, Sweet Home

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 12.03.41 PM copyA friend at church is selling her home and asked me to shoot it. Omgosh, what a stunningly beautiful home. Was a pleasure to shoot it, and was fun seeing the pix on the home-selling website. Thanks, Kristyn!

October Wedding II

7P7A6925South Coast Winery in Temecula was the venue for this beautiful wedding. All-in-one place for the event made it convenient for us. Amazing view and grounds. And the sweet caterer manager was the BEST, always making sure we were taken care of. Thanks to my helpers, Judith and Michael! And thanks Tiffany for trusting us. Pix here.


6This was kinda cool. Got a chance to drive up to Morro Bay with my boy who was first shooter at this "will you marry me?" photoshoot. I was second photographer. Proud of my boy and happy for these two. See more here.

The Other Family - Again

Yay for a new lens! Yay for a fun family! Yay for the Santa Rosa Plateau! Got to photograph this family for the 6th time. Things worked out quite nicely I must say. Thanks to my boy, Michael, for the lighting help! More pix? Go here.

October Wedding I

Fun time at Chino Airport with the wedding of the daughter of a former student. The airport was an awesome backdrop for the pictures as you can see above. Will post soon. Thanks, Charlye!!!

The Family - again Winking

Had the great privilege of shooting these guys again. This time at Briar Rose Winery in Temecula. Great place for this stuff. Love the kids, love the family. More pix… go here. And thanks Briar Rose!

Angela at the Vineyard

We got to do a shoot out at Wilson Creek Wineries today as three weddings were going on simultaneously. Just a fun shoot to add to our portfolios. Always a pleasure with Angela and Michael when we do a shoot. Light-hearted and no pressure. Go here for more.

2017 Route 66 Cruisin Reunion

Had a great fumes-filled time in Ontario tonight with my best buddy. Old and stunning cars all over the place. You can see some here.

Improv in Salem

Literally last-minute unplanned impromptu photo shoot with mommy and baby at my daughter's house the day before the eclipse. Such a cute "couple," I couldn't stop shooting. See some here

More Moores

14What a great family these guys are. This shoot was at Wilson Creek Winery. This venue is always nice and the people there are always generous with the use of their grounds. What's fun about this family is the kids - for both shoots we have had with them they seemed like they genuinely enjoyed each other and were not afraid to express it. That makes it easy for me. Thanks, all of you! Michael helped and Bill lent me his 70-200mm, f2.8. And fellow photographer Cynthia made some pretty astute and timely observations. Thanks to you all! See some highlights here.

Mel Again

Had the great pleasure of shooting this sweet family down at Oceanside Pier. Only had to contend with a thousand people. And weird windy weather. And a bevy of other photographers. All good! Came out nicely. Michael helped of course. And the sweet baby was a doll. This was our fifth shoot with this family. Always sweet. See here.

Biker Chick

7P7A4589-Edit-2Fun backwoods shoot in De Luz with friend and colleague. A colleague who happens to own an awesome and loud Harley. 85mm Canon lens the whole time. Thanks again to Bill for the opportunity to use it! Go here to see more.

Quick and Easy Wedding

Talk about last minute weddings. Wait, maybe we weren't. Regardless, former student married her navy boyfriend before he shipped out. Nice, backyard wedding, short and sweet and to the point. Winking Go here to see some pix.

BroAm 2017

Jon Foreman at BroAm
Wonderful day at Moonlight Bay in Encinitas, CA. Switchfoot's annual BroAm was in full gear with surfing and music. Got loads of nice pix of both.

Switchfoot pix can be found in my Flickr folder here.

Surfing pix can be found here.
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