November 2018

Never Too Late

Kelly, a dear student of mine back in the 80's, was determined to get a degree. And she did. Graduating from APU, a school I occasionally teach at. So proud of you, young lady! More here.

Four is a Charm

The fearsome foursome - miniature. Love these kids to death. You may recognize the one on the left as Banner Boy for my site. This one was at Lake Oak Meadows, a GREAT venue for weddings and photoshoots. More here.

Condo? Can Do!

Got to shoot a condo this weekend. With no electricity. Pulled it off, I think. Thanks Liza, for the opportunity! More here.

Four Fighting Irish

Had two of these four in my class. Now they're all grown up and shooting a surprise Christmas picture for the parents. Honored to be a part of this. Thanks, you guys! More here.

Blackmun Again

They trusted me to do the Christmas card picture again. And honored to do it. Thanks for the opportunity! More here.

Some Moore

jen moore
Love these kooks. They keep coming back and I get to record them growing up, which is pretty cool. Shot at Glen Arbor Park in Murrieta. Fought for space with a million other photographers. But looks like we had the place to ourselves. More Moores here.

Vanessa in the Forest

vanessa rodarte
Got a chance to shoot a friend at a new locale in Murrieta. Worked out well, we think. Know any single moms who would like a photo shoot? Let me know! More pix here.

Clan at Harveston

Clan Balos at Harveston for a pretty shoot. Love this place even if very family in the valley shoots here. So picturesque. Thanks, Julia! More here.


rodberryThis kid is a great musician in Haiti. He visited last year and I took a few pictures of him. He used them (after asking) to use on some promo stuff. I forgot all about it, but then BOOM! I was sent this. Yay! Thanks for using my pix to further your career. I'm honored.
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