November 2017

Mein Sohn

This was a pleasure - shooting my son and is girlfriend. Blesses me to see my son happy. A few more pix here soon.

Bee's Niece

A little edgy sort of engagement shoot starring my niece and her fiancé. Coronado in San Diego and no pain-in-the-butt permits to worry about. Love you, sweetie! Here are some more pix.

Family at Sunset

Sheesh this was a weird one. Got stopped by a state park trooper in Newport who took her job very seriously. We apparently needed a permit. Why? She had no answer. Yay. So could not use any reflectors because they were "professional." (She said this as people with phones were walking by and on their way the beach to take pix.) But Michael and I made the most of it and the photographs came out pretty nicely, methinks. They are here. Thanks, Kim for trusting us again to capture your family moments!

A Little Thanksgiving Help at Church

Not our style at all but we were volunteered to do a "family portrait" shoot of nearly 70 families at a Thanksgiving Eve service. Used the lights we brought. But added lights came from the parking lot. And the basketball courts. And a hot air balloon lighting up behind our "set." Interesting time. Winking

Vets Day Parade

This turned out to be pretty cool. I only went to the parade in Murrieta to get pix of the vets, which is always special, but turned out shooting the whole place up. And then got picked up by the local online paper who published almost everything I send them. You can see that here. Thanks, Patch!

Another Fam Shoot

Fun shoot under cloudy, wonderfully lit, skies in Temecula for this young family. Two colleagues of mine at school and their little dolly. Another repeat performance - third time for them. Always good when that happens. Here are some. Thanks, you guys!


TVHS waterpolo
Did a favor for a friend and shot a waterpolo CIF game in Temecula at the high school (TVHS). Was fun! And had two nice lenses to cover it. See some here!
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