July 2018

Tovey Shultz, The Sequel

Another fun couple hours of shooting here. Follow-up headshots and some candid stuff. Fun people they are…

La Grande Famille

Never shot a family this big. Almost two dozen all on a crowded beach with crappy light. But it worked out wonderfully! The clouds moved in a bit, a giant space cleared against the rocks and the family was amazingly cooperative. Ended up being a great time. More here!

Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro

What a wonderful shoot this turned out to be. Most are from-the-pier shots (in Oceanside). The woman were awesome. And the waves were beautiful. More here!

Another Fire

Another fire here in SoCal. The Cranston fire was big and destructive as expected but this one was clearly making its own weather. These are pyrocumulus clouds. Beautiful and frightening.

Tovey Shultz

This was a bucket of fun. Took a bunch of lighting equipment to Tovey Shultz Construction Company in Elsinore and fired away. Great bunch of people there and easy to work with! Thanks for trusting us for these shots! See more corporate head shots here.
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