July 2017

August Deal

Active members of the armed forces and their families OR single parents and their kids can get me for an hour at half price this month. See the Investment page for more info.


Took the long lens (Tamron 150-600 mm) to the San Diego Zoo today with my wife. Hot and humid but got some nice shots of the animals that dared come out in the awful weather. Especially this starling. What a beauty,

Elsinore Fire

Got a chance to shoot the fire at Lake Elsinore. Saw the smoke, grabbed the camera bag and off I went. Walked up to the fire unimpeded and shot away. Got the planes and fire fighters and trucks. Was almost surreal. The local Patch picked up my photos and published them here.

More Moores

14What a great family these guys are. This shoot was at Wilson Creek Winery. This venue is always nice and the people there are always generous with the use of their grounds. What's fun about this family is the kids - for both shoots we have had with them they seemed like they genuinely enjoyed each other and were not afraid to express it. That makes it easy for me. Thanks, all of you! Michael helped and Bill lent me his 70-200mm, f2.8. And fellow photographer Cynthia made some pretty astute and timely observations. Thanks to you all! See some highlights here.

Mel Again

Had the great pleasure of shooting this sweet family down at Oceanside Pier. Only had to contend with a thousand people. And weird windy weather. And a bevy of other photographers. All good! Came out nicely. Michael helped of course. And the sweet baby was a doll. This was our fifth shoot with this family. Always sweet. See here.

Biker Chick

7P7A4589-Edit-2Fun backwoods shoot in De Luz with friend and colleague. A colleague who happens to own an awesome and loud Harley. 85mm Canon lens the whole time. Thanks again to Bill for the opportunity to use it! Go here to see more.

Pixoto Award

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.51.33 PM

Pixoto Award

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.50.44 PM

Quick and Easy Wedding

Talk about last minute weddings. Wait, maybe we weren't. Regardless, former student married her navy boyfriend before he shipped out. Nice, backyard wedding, short and sweet and to the point. Winking Go here to see some pix.
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