December 2017

Christmas Eve

brianChristmas Eve at Calvary Murrieta was… so nice. Thanks for asking! Here are some highlights…

That Family, Part IV

28Well this handsome family asked us again to shoot 'em up. Only this time for an announcement; she's pregnant with Child #3. Love these guys a lot and very excited for them. And thanks to Lake Oak Meadows for so graciously allowing us to shoot there. See more here.


Several generations for this big shoot in Murrieta. Good time had by all as we tried to beat the sun, a common angst-ridden characteristic with good light together with a load of people. See here. And here.

Concert at TVHS

7P7A9834Got a chance to shoot the Christmas concert at Temecula Valley High School. Sheesh! The only person with a good angle was the conductor. And I was not about to ask her to move. Regardless, it was a good time had by all. Happy

Fired Up

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 7.27.15 PMMy picture of the fire made Earth Science Picture of the Day for Dec 12. I heard also it made the news but haven't been able to figure out yet which news outlet besides the Patch and CBSLA picked it up. Regardless, I'm honored. I just wish it were under better circumstances. The full story for this picture is here.

Tragic Opportunity

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 4.36.10 PM
This wasn't a planned shoot. We had two fire in the area today. One in my town of Murrieta, and one in a city farther south in Fallbrook. Shot the first one from a high hill from a distance. Shot the second just yards away from the flames with 50 mph winds. Was a completely fascinating experience and got some nice shots. And got my picture on the CBS LA instagram. What a day.
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