August 2017

The Eclipse

7P7A9112I had the great fortune of being able to go to the 2017 eclipse. I was in Salem, OR, for it. Double blessing in that it is also where my daughter lives. So got to spend time with here AND see a surreal celestial event. Was over-the-top phenomenal. And managed to get the setting right for the images. Whew. What a time…

We Do Cards!

IMG_0563.JPGMy son and I do business cards (and signs) if you're looking for that. I do the photography, he does the graphics. Interested? Write us from the Contact page.

Morro Bay

Just got back from a quick three-day trip to Morro Bay and back. Took many pictures which is really no surprise. And put them all in a folder on my Flickr site. See them here.

Pixoto Award

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.53.08 PM
Really proud of this one. Of over 700 entries Angela and I got a Top 5% in Pixoto's Amazing Female Head Shot contest. Kinda cool, I don't mind saying. Thanks, Angela!
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