April 2018

Got Me a Print Shop

Finally settled on a printer - ProDPI. If you want to print anything of mine from all the images I have or the ones I shot for you, ask about sizes; I'll give you a quote. ProDPI can make wonderfully beautiful, high-quality prints of my work. Let me know!

Judith Plus One

Fifth time shooting this young woman. The other four times were with family. This time with unborn. Beautiful shoot at RoseHaven in Temecula with wonderful lighting and more than a little help from a fellow photographer with the lighting and ideas. More here.

Liz and Bella

Had a chance to shoot a fellow photographer at Santa Rosa Plateau. Went very nicely. She and her daughter genuinely love each other. I think that came out. Hope so anyways!!! Winking More here.


First time here. Won't be the last time. Got stopped by a grounds getsapo. Was told to put my shade away. Why? No reason. But the lady, who I swear is a rejected HOA Nazi, also told me unprovoked that I don't look like a professional. Thanks. The rest of the day was nice and the grounds are stunning, even at $25 per person. Winking Pix here!

The Plateau

My Happy Place, the plateau is. So peaceful and even prettier when green. Just keep adding on to my Plateau collection on Flickr. Bury me here. Really. No joke. They are filed here.


Just an excuse to get out and add to each other's portfolios. Around Old Town Temecula this time to hunt for new spots. There are many. Winking More here!
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