The Investment



Angel Rheaume
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This includes graduation, engagement, family, special groups, headshots for business cards, and the like. See People page for examples.
We do weddings now. They're a little more expensive than the typical shoot because we put a lot of time into it. A lot. See People page for examples.

Non-Wedding Events


Michelle Tepper
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I will shoot conferences and concerts, dance productions and sporting events. Name it, we can make it work. See People page for examples.
Selling your house and need exterior and interior shots? I can do those. Same pricing as a regular portrait shoot. See below.


Military Specials

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For everyone's peace of mind, we do an all-online contract through You'll know exactly how much is owed, when, what we will do, and all the little details so that there is no confusion come shoot time.
Write me about special pricing we have for vets and active service men and women.

Investment for Non-Wedding Photoshoots

1) I shoot for $120/half hour or $200/hour. (And a dollar per mile if outside the Murrieta-Temecula area.)
2) I often have assistants, one for making sure you look good, and one for lighting - both included in the price.
3) I go over the images and eliminate the bad ones.
4) I develop the good ones.
5) I store the hi-resolution pictures (at least 20-30) online for you.
6) You download and post online or print to your heart’s content.
7) They are yours forever.
8) You are happy. ;)

Know that the portrait usually means you, or a couple, or a family. Want to include others? Please add $15/person.

And heads up! Where you chose to print will determine the final product. I cannot be responsible for that. There is a difference between Walmart and some of the more expensive places online. Print not just for your budget, but for your family memories.

Investment for Wedding Photoshoots

The wedding shoots are a flat $280/hr due to all the work and preparation and post-processing. Everything else is the same as the above for non-wedding events.


Interested in any of my images for framing? Here is what you can do…

1) Go to my Flickr portfolio and choose an image.
2) Pick an image.
3) Send me the image number and a small description (e.g. IMG 8353-3 Meerkat)
4) Send $20 via Paypal or the CASH app and I will send you the full-resolution image via email or Dropbox.
5) Print the image at Sam’s or Costco or - preferably - your own personal printer!

See? Easy!!!


There are many. Here are some I use around the Temecula/Murrieta area.

Harveston Sample1 Sample2 Sample3 Sample4 Sample5 Sample6

Glen Arbor Park Sample1 Sample2

Old Town Murrieta Sample1 Sample2

Old Town Temecula Sample1 Sample2 Sample3 Sample4 Sample5

Briar Rose Winery Sample1 Sample2 Sample3

Wilson Creek Winery Sample1 Sample2 Sample3 Sample4

Santa Rosa Plateau Sample1 Sample2

Rose Haven Heritage Garden Sample1 Sample2 Sample3 Sample4 Sample5

Ronald Reagan Sports Park Sample1 Sample2

Lake Oak Meadows Sample1
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